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There once was a boy.

His home was often in turmoil with arguing and yelling.  He dreaded hearing footsteps at night.  Footsteps at night meant there was going to be a fight.  How he hoped there wouldn’t be fights…but there were…often.

The boy learned how to cope though.  He would leave…flee…escape.  God’s word was absent from his home.  His home life was void of any guidance from the bible to help Him.  Although his family visited church on occasion and he attended Sunday school at various times in his childhood, he didn’t receive solid teaching and didn’t have an understanding of God’s grace. At home, he never received encouragement from the word or experienced an attempt toward an apology or a way made for forgiveness.  There was no modeling of God’s grace in the home. His parents were good providers and taught him how to do the right thing. By most standards they were good parents. They didn’t, however, have God’s grace modeled for them as children and they passed the same home life on to him.

But something happened to the boy.  He grew up and he began to hunger for the Lord.  He attended a church and listened to the Christian radio station in the car.  He grew into a mature Christian and now he is married, has two young children and is a pastor.  For the last eight years he has been exploring new territory.  A life of living out the gospel with a family. For the last two years he has been preaching the word of God into the lives of people in church family.

This man is my husband.

God IS redeeming the generations.

And we should tell people about it…not to bring glory to ourselves…but to God.

This should give us great hope!  God is redeeming the generations!  He truly does change people’s lives.  How else could this happen but by the power of the Holy Spirit living in you…me…our spouses…and our children?  If you aren’t married yet and without kids (as I was into my 30’s), God is changing you now for the time that He might give that to you.  If we are in Christ, we can and should expect Him to redeem the generations.  To make us into a new kind of people.  A new creation.

2 Corinthians 5:17-” Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”


So my husband is a new creation. He has learned and is learning that he doesn’t have to leave the home to find peace but to find peace at home. His boy now has a dad who preaches the gospel to him outside of the home as well as inside.  His boy brings joy to his dad’s heart when his feet patter across the floor in the middle of the night.  That sound makes this father smile. There will be no yelling…just cuddling. Small moments like this are healing to him. His boy wants to hear God’s word.  He wants to memorize it.  And his boy is allowed to speak God’s Word into his dad’s life.  There isn’t perfection in this…but God is creating more and more of this in our lives.

This week, my husband received a very special blessing. Our son, who learned how to read this past year, started reading the book of Proverbs to him.

Each word being sounded out and pondered. Words of wisdom from a father to a son.  Being read son to father.  Both being encouraged and called to godliness.  Brothers in Christ.  There is no void in this home.  Well…really we are void of a few things…but not of God’s Word.

This is just one story of how God has redeemed one small part of our family. There are so many more stories to tell.

How do you see Him doing that in your family?

How might this happen more and more as we yield to Him more?

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