STRETCH my F A I TH – Christian Therapeutic Stretch Classes

As a certified therapeutic stretch instructor, I offer online classes infused with scripture and truth that are meant to refresh you physically, spiritually, and mentally.

My goal is to create at least one stretch class with scriptures and truths inspired by each series of blog posts. Blog posts are based on themes that last one to two months. At the end of the theme series, I create a longer class that is made available. A portion of that longer class is given as a free sample to my newsletter subscribers.

What is STRETCH my F A I T H comparable to?  It is a mix of simple stretches, therapeutic and restorative stretches, and even some that are comparable to yoga stretches. It is different from yoga in that we fill our minds with God’s Word and biblical truths.

Would you like to get a taste of what a class is like? There are two things you can do.

  1. Get my newsletter! Approximately every month or two you’ll receive a sample video: WastelandtoGraceland / STRETCH my F A I T H Newsletter
  2. When you sign up, you will receive some freebies! You’ll get a 30-minute stretch session and a coaching class called “Empowered by Truth, Renewing the Mind with God’s Word.”
  3. Watch a short sample below:




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