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Coaching is the art of believing in people in order to help empower them to change. As a Christian Life Coach, my goal is to help you coach yourself and to listen to the MASTER coach, Jesus.

In Leadership Coaching: The Disciplines, Skills and Heart of a Christian Coach, Tony Stoltzfus says, “That is what Jesus does for us-He sees in us who we were made to be and loves us for who we are. Coaching is a conscious imitation of the way that Christ looks at us and the way that God develops leaders. It’s a relationship centered on helping people discover and fulfill their destiny.”

Coaching is a support structure for the change you are longing for in your life. It’s about focusing forward, not about looking in the past and fixing it. Future-focus is one of the key differences between coaching and counseling.  Coaching and counseling are both one-on-one relationships focused on growing.  However, counseling tends to concentrate on helping people get well from the past, whereas coaching works with people who want to further improve their lives going forward.

My credentials:

Diploma in Christian Counseling (American Association Christian Counselors)

Certificate in Christian Life Coaching (American Association Christian Counselors)

Certificate in Theological Studies (Covenant Theological Seminary)

B.S. Graphic Arts Technology Management

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I am currently working on online coaching programs that will develop progress in the following areas and will provide access to them as they are available.

Discovering Your Life Purpose 

Managing Stress

Habits of the Mind

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