Friends, I am so excited to share with you that I’ve finally begun creating and sharing STRETCH my F A I T H videos! Some of you may be wondering what it is, so I want to try to answer that question in this post. I had some technical difficulties this past week, so I took a break from my series on turning from fear to courage and trust, and I’m focusing in on answering some questions. I’ll post the last part in the fear to courage and trust series this coming week.

What is STRETCH my F A I T H? It’s an offshoot of this current blog that sets the biblical truths and scriptures that I’m writing about to therapeutic stretch moves. I offer online holistic classes that help participants to practice setting their minds on biblical truths while they refresh their bodies physically.The stretching I offer is comparable to a mixture of stretches you might encounter in a  yin yoga, restorative yoga, restorative stretch, or therapeutic stretch. While it may seem similar to yoga, it is an alternative to mainstream secular yoga. A big difference is that it leads participants toward filling the mind vs. totally quieting it. Although I also strive to leave some time and space for you to reflect on the truths presented in each class. The focus of the classes are on stretching and relaxing the body, learning to be still, practicing slowing down and caring for ourselves holistically, and renewing our minds with God’s Word.

Why are you doing this? For years I searched for a solid Christian form of yoga, but I was often dissatisfied with it. I loved the refreshing poses, especially in restorative yoga. I wasn’t necessarily against yoga, but I was specifically looking for my mind to be filled with God’s Words, truths, and prayer as I moved my body. I often found yoga videos on Youtube that were created to be Christian, but they had way less scripture, truths, and prayer involved than what I was wanting. This is understandable because the yin and restorative styles of yoga seek to provide lots of time to quiet the mind and reflect. I longed to fill my mind with truth and to use my physical nourishment time to also nourish myself mentally and spiritually. It just seemed impossible to find a solid, scripture-infused, Christian-focused alternative to mainstream yoga.The thought that I should create something that offers that wouldn’t go away, so I finally decided to do what I needed to do to create what I longed for!

Are you certified? Yes, I am certified through Christian Aerobic Resource – Faithfully Fit  as a Therapeutic Stretch Instructor, I am certified to teach stretching as a low-impact exercise that uses controlled postures and breathing techniques to improve relaxation, flexibility, and strength. An additional area of study for the certification was being trained in adding therapeutic grade oils to be practically integrated into the stretch class format for medicinal aromatherapy purposes.

What are the benefits? You can find out many of the benefits in this video below. My favorite personal benefit is the ability to care for myself efficiently. I can nurture my body, mind, and spirit all at once in as little as 10 minutes or 30 minutes.

How can I try this? Every week, I produce a mini Stretch of the Week video. These are meant to give you a taste of what my longer videos are like and to provide you with a tool to help you practice slowing down each week in order to care for yourself. You can get every one of them for free in your e-mail by signing up for my newsletter here:

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I will also be offering longer classes once every month or two. If you’d like to check out a Stretch of the Week, watch the video below:

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about STRETCH my F A I T H!

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