As I begin a new year, I am reminded that I don’t need a new year to be the new me.

From the moment I gave my life to Christ and accepted His for me, I have been given a new identity.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”                         – -2 Corinthians 5:17 ESV

I love the new year! It’s a great to be reminded that, as Christians, we don’t have to wait until the beginning of a new year, month, week, or day to start new. We can begin to begin again to operate by the spirit of Christ instead of from our flesh any time. Any day. Any second. Right now.

Jesus calls us to cooperate with Him now. In the spring, summer, fall, and winter. January first reminds me of setting goals, evaluating the past, and moving forward. But I also want to remember that every moment is the moment to live like the new creation we have been made into along with all of our brothers and sisters in Christ. This frees us from the disappointment that comes when we “mess up” with our goals or resolutions. We are always free to live for Christ and can start fresh any minute we choose to cooperate with Him. If you’ve already become disappointed in new year decisions for yourself, remember your identity as a new creation in Christ!

One of the ways the Lord is calling me to follow Him right now is by acting out of trust instead of fear. I’ve put off so much in the past year because of changes in life (rehabbing a house, getting ready to move, and other matters). To be honest, some of these things are easier to allow to get in the way because it’s easier to hide behind them than to go forward and face some fears.

Today I’m pushing past those fears. I’ve just sent out my first Stretch My Faith video to all of my newsletter subscribers! It’s only taken me three years since I received certification in therapeutic stretch.

I want to share some changes that I’ll make on this blog over the next months along with a prayer request.
I will be creating 4-8 week intensives on a particular subject matter. Each week I’ll create a short complimentary video for my newsletter subscribers based on a stretch of the week incorporating a thought and scripture from my blog post. At the end of that 4-8 week time period, I’ll then take a week or two off from the intensive to create a full stretch video. I am also hoping to create a coaching video that would go along with the stretch video.

Here is a list of some of the upcoming intensives and their general timelines:

January/February -Moving from Fear to Trust (STARTS THIS WEEKEND!)
March/April – Seeking the Savior in the Stress
May/June –  Renewing the Mind, Transforming the Life
July/August – Moving toward Life Purpose
September/October – Choosing Your Identity in Christ
November/December – Shalom in the Home (and all of life)

If you would like to have weekly reminders of encouragement in these theme areas and easy access to the stretches (instead of only getting them via e-mail), please sign up for my Facebook group: WastelandtoGraceland’s Stretch My Faith Community Group

Please pray for guidance, wisdom, and endurance as I do this. I’d specifically love prayer over the matter of my blog name. I’m praying over the thought that I should change my blog name to Stretch my Faith because I feel that it would represent my blog posts and stretch classes better than having two names for each aspect of my work.

Below is a video on the benefits of stretching if you’re interested in learning more. Click on the button to sign up for my newsletter and you’ll receive access to my first stretch session, Overcoming the Winter Blues as well as my mini-course, Empowered by Truth.

WastelandtoGraceland / Stretch My F A I T H Newsletter

God bless you and yours in 2018!!

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