Jesus Christ crucified.

The truth about this statement is…

It’s not a simple teaching to be forgotten as we grow in our faith.

On to deeper things?

It can’t be done.

“Jesus Christ crucified” is the Christian’s focal point.

I was thinking this morning of when I played basketball in high school.  We would do wall squats.  I have not forgotten the pain even after almost 25 years!  I used to fix my eyes on something in the gym.  A focal point.  My eyes did not leave that focal point.  It is how I got through the wall squats and I guess that is how I think of “Jesus Christ crucified”.  If there is a place my mind must fix on to process all of life and all of scripture, this is it.

One of those areas of life to process through the lens of Christ crucified is the area of growing in Christ.

How I long to be able to check things off and be done.  I love getting laundry and dishes done but as soon as the happy feeling of accomplishment comes, the dread of the next load comes.  The work is never finished.

How I sometimes view my spiritual growth can be somewhat like this as well.  You see, I’d love to cross off accomplishments.

-Learned to walk by faith and not by sight…CHECK!

-Learned to understand and grasp my new identity in Christ…CHECK!

-Learned patience with my children and husband…CHECK!

-Learned to yield to the Holy Spirit vs. the flesh…CHECK!

How I long to check these off of my list!

But it hasn’t happened.  Well, maybe I have tried to do it, but I find that I can’t.  I can make great progress but I can’t ultimately mark these things off of my list on this side of glory.

I must continually face opportunities to grow in all of these areas.

And I don’t think our Father in Heaven’s goal is for us to mark these as final accomplishments off of our checklist anyway while we’re in the flesh.

The beauty of the Christian life isn’t our perfection or our finished work. It is Christ’s.It is continually turning to Him in dependence.

Our lives as Christians begin with total dependence on God’s powerful work of salvation. This stage of our Christian walk is not a temporary one.  It is ongoing.

Jesus Christ crucified is the beginning of the Christian life and the source of  ongoing power for going through our Christian walk.

May we be encouraged as we realize consistently our constant need for dependence on Christ.

“For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” – 1 Corinthians 1:8

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