Just a short post this week.

I was feeling particularly discouraged yesterday.  The day I normally post on this blog.  So much so that I didn’t finish my article and gave up.

I decided to let it go and write next week but I was encouraged this morning and thought I’d share.

So…did I mention that I was discouraged yesterday?

We’re talking discouraged to the point of nausea.  Discouraged like everything looked very dark and hopelessness settled in.  On top of that…I couldn’t talk to anyone about it. My husband was gone all day and we were busy into the evening. The good part about that is…it forced me to go to the only one who can truly speak words of life to me.

This tends to happen on really busy weeks…weeks when I haven’t spent a lengthy amount of time in the Word.

So this morning the usual routine of this busy week got tossed and I embraced the Word.  Just picking it up and holding it felt good. Like home.

“I need to hear your words, Lord.”

I opened it up to where I last left off in John.  I read these words from John 8:12: “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”

I have the light of life.

I have the light of life.

Wow…if I am following Jesus, I have the light of life.

Jesus, my Creator, brings light to me.  In Him, I see things as they really are. The world. Me. Following Him, I can avoid the pitfalls of life…including hopelessness.  He lights the path ahead so I can see, once again, with eternal eyes.  He keeps me from stumbling.

Opening the shades this morning and letting the light filter in.

Are you feeling like you’re in the dark today?

How does it change things to know that…feelings are not necessarily reality?   The truth is…if you are in Him, you have the light of life.

Simply Helping Him

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