“Any fool can be happy. It takes a man with real heart to make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep.” 
 Clive Barker, Days of Magic Nights of War
We should say…it takes a real woman to do that too…
And that real man or woman’s heart is first tranformed by Jesus Christ.
When the movie, Les Miserables, ended, I wanted it to stay dark in the theater.  I didn’t want people to see my heart bursting out of my chest.  Thankfully, there were a few others moved in the same way.  I was not alone.
For me, the movie summed up  the plight of the world and redeemed it…at least for a couple of hours.  It was a reminder of how a constant state of happiness isn’t really what we should and can aim for. 
Our human existence will be marred at some point…or already has been.
Our greatest hope in this life is to know God, enjoy HIM, love others and make beauty out of the stuff that makes us weep. 
To see Him redeeming the world around us is our highest calling. 
Are you seeing beauty in the things that cause weeping?  If so, you are among the blessed to see God at work…saving us while we live in a fallen world.
Blessings to you this weekend as you see God’s hand at work in your life and in the world around you.
Click on the above image to see a trailer for the movie, Les Miserables.
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