“Wait for the LORD; be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD” (Psalm 27:14).

It is a paradox isn’t it?

Christianity and so many truths within it. 

A king comes to serve.

You are wise if you follow this paradoxical king…even if others aren’t doing the same. 

He sometimes calls you to unique and strange paths…that seem more like a maze than life.

You lose your life and you find it.  Just like Him…laying down His life for…life.

You’re strong when you wait and take heart.

How self-control and yielding to Him…truly not doing anything…takes the most strength.

When I am weak…then I am strong. 

How sometimes getting lost in a maze of life…isn’t so bad.  Because He walks ahead of you… a flame shining brightly.

If we would only look to Him and yield…be strong and wait…in all situations.

So many people I know are walking a path of unknowns. Being strong in their waiting and trusting.

One small step of strength exhibited in waiting with a trusting heart fuels the next…and the next…and then all of the sudden you feel it.  You’re stronger than before. 

And you know it’s not all you.

Christ’s strength is working in you and through you because…you simply allowed it.

Today, I’m taking a step towards waiting.  Self-control.  Yielding.  I’m taking steps in this in several areas of my life.  One of them is in the area of writing.  I’m taking a little break from the 2-3 times a week blogging.  I am working on some special Christmas writing and I just can’t do it while also blogging. So…I take a step back.  Instead of trying to blog and write something special for Christmas…I’m going to do just one. 

I won’t be blogging so much in the next month…but when I’m back…I hope to have something special to share with you. 

Blessings to you this month…I’m so thankful for your willingness to read my ramblings!

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