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Turning away from all that entangles toward Jesus, His grace, and His kingdom

The Third Way to Practice the Presence of God…Even if You’re Busy

“I told you guys I need peace this morning!” I had just prayed that the Lord would help me know what to write about for this blog post....
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The Second Way to Practice the Presence of God…Even if You’re Busy

We’ve come to the second of Brother Lawrence’s six ways necessary to develop the spiritual life in The Practice of the Presence of God....
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The First Way to Practice the Presence of God…Even if You’re Busy

I mentioned last week that I talk to my friend, Suzanne, every Tuesday morning at 6:00. Truth be told, it’s more like 6:05 by the time I get...
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6 Ways to Practice the Presence of God…Even if You’re Busy (Introduction)

There’s only one person I ever call at 6:00 a.m. every Tuesday. It’s Suzanne.  I don’t remember the date it started, but...
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When You Dread the Week Ahead

I woke from a solid sleep, spring at my doorstep, and birds sweetly singing a morning lullaby to me. Yet the first words that came out of my mouth...
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Ancient Practice for Remembering God’s Presence Throughout the Day

I walked into my husband’s office to look through every single shelf seeking a book title that might touch my heart. My husband has two...
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When Longing For More Is Good

With the recent ice storm in the midwest, I was reminded of these amazing images I was able to capture a couple of years ago and the thoughts that...
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10 Ways to Cooperate with Jesus

A friend approached me in tears recently wondering how to go forward after a major loss in ministry due to someone else’s heartbreaking moral...
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One Thing to Remember When You Need Courage and Peace

“You will keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an...
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Fear Fighting: Beating The Beast of Worry

I know a true warrior and her name is Kelly Balarie.  She wars against fear and she also wars for encouragement in faith, hope, and love. I...
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